Bend And Snap! (From Legally Blonde The Musical)

Ariel Victoria Rubin, aged 19, *is* Paulette Bonafante.
This here is sort of an experiment…
Due to my Particularly Lousy Camera Work, (I was trying not to disturb the audience by covering my viewing screen while sitting behind a Giant Head), I only managed to get *parts* of the scene on video, though I thought the audio came out well.
BUT since I had a bunch of photos that other family & friends made public, I figured I’d splice them in for a sort of Stop-Action thing.
Here’s the result!

(Greek Chorus)
Look at my ass, look at my thighs
I’m catnip to the guys
They chase my tail, they drool and pant
Wanna touch this but they can’t

No, all the boys want to come and play
Snap my fingers and they obey
Why do they follow me ’round all day?
Watch me while I walk away

I bend and snap, feel how hot it’s gettin’
Bend and snap, then when you got ’em sweatin’
Spring the trap, they cheer and clap
No tight end can defend ‘gainst the bend and snap!
Oh, that’s easy for you to say!
(Greek Chorus)
And you!
Girl, if you wanna make the team make some self-esteem
The more you jump around and scream the sexier as you seem
Please, sorry girl, that ain’t how I play this wouldn’t work if I tried all day
I gotta go get my asthma spray, watch me while I walk away

(Greek Chorus)
No wait before you walk away
Just bend and snap, ow, look how good you’re gettin’
Bend and snap, I’m bettin’ right now you sweatin’
Spring the trap, they cheer and clap
So depend on your friend, c’mon an’ bend and
It’s not the time to overthink
Just try it once he’ll buy you a drink
(Mousy Girl)
Excuse me, would you teach me that?
I’m tired of living alone with my cat
Nowadays I do dye jobs and curls
But here is how we did it in the Laker girls
(Greek Chorus)
Look, do it and we’ll go away
Okay, okay, okay, okay
Bend aaaand SNAP!


Hey, wait a second when I beckoned
Look how the guys came runnin’
Like I’m chicken finger lickin’
Like I’m friggin’ wicked stunning

Will you pay for stuff I buy?
And bake me cake and pie?
And hold me when I cry?
Yes, and I will tell you why

I’m too rockin’ to lock away
All the boys come to dock away
Droppin’ jaws from a block away
Watchin’ how I walk away

(Guys) We love to watch her walk away

I bend and snap
Now, look how hot it’s gettin’
Bend and snap
I bet right know you’re flirtin’
Spring the trap, they cheer and clap

I depend on my friend
[Go Paulette, go Paulette]
I depend on my friend
[Go, go, go Paulette!]
I depend on my friend for the bend and snap

Bend and snap!
Bend and snap!
Bend and snap!
Bend and snap!
Bend and snap!
Bend and snap!
Bend and snap!
I’m gonna get me some Kyyyyyle…!
(Sees Kyle, screams)

Paulette, did I leave my stylus?

Bend aaaaaaand snap!

Oh, crap!

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