Where NOT To Eat…


The Six Buttholes Diner.
Lousy Overcooked Burgers, Cold Curly Fries, and Lousy Service.

Who Can Ask for Anything More?

I love to watch the Montclair High SVPA Kids perform.
As an Obsessive Alumni Mom, (my Daughter is now in College) I would try to make every performance my kid was in.
We still attend the Showcases and Musicals! Love these Kids!
The only downfall of this obsession, however, is the fact that there is no time for a proper dinner before performances, and, as a rule, the kids go to the diner for a late supper and camaraderie afterwards. The problem is the Closest Open Diner: The Six Brothers Diner on Route 46.
It would more aptly be named “The Six Assholes Diner” or “The Three Stooges Diner”.
For a place of it’s size & location, you’d think they’d hire Kitchen Staff with a Mental Capacity higher than that of a Radish.
Gotta love it, though…No matter how you order your burger, it will be Well Done.
My husband, a Chef with over Thirty Years experience himself, orders his burger RARE. RUNNING AROUND MOOING RARE.
It arrives…
Well Done Every Time.
OK then.
One time I figured I’d keep it simple.
So I ordered a Grilled Swiss with Bacon & Tomato on Whole Wheat.
What did I get?
Twenty minutes later I was presented with a Grilled American.
Not Swiss.
No Bacon.
No Tomato.
When the Burly Waitress finally returned, I pointed out the error & she took my plate back to the kitchen & returned with a Swiss Cheese & Bacon Sandwich.
The Swiss was NOT even melted.
No Tomato.
How to you screw up a Grilled Cheese Sandwich? It was downhill from there.
It you do have the misfortune of visiting this alleged Dining Establishment, be careful not to order any Exotic Condiments such as Sour Cream with your Reheated Cold Sweet Potato Fries.
Actually, I’d originally asked for a Monkey Dish of Greek Yogurt.
After all, this *is* a Greek Diner, is it not?
So of course the Beastly Waitress looked at me as if I had two heads & informed me that they didn’t have any Greek Yogurt.
So I asked for a small dish of Sour Cream instead for my Over-Re-Cooked Sweet Potato Fries.
Several minutes later I was informed they had to go downstairs to procure this Precious Sour Cream, and what seemed like a Lifetime after that,
the Beast returned with a small cup of what appeared to be Reconstituted Spackle.
[Hey! Great! I can fix this hole in the wall over here….]
Ah yes. The Six Assholes Diner.
Lousy Food, Awful Service, and Inflated Prices; Surly, Misshapen, Cretinous Waitstaff…What more could you ask for?
Too “Gourmet” for me…and so it’s off to the bathroom for me as I’m still feeling the effects of last night’s Six Douchebags Diner Fiasco…

::Please Make A Note Of It::

Put A Bird On It!
Put A Bird On It!

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