Time For A Summer Rerun Rant. Sady.

::Gives In, Steps Up on Soap Box::
Gun Control.
How about AMMUNITION control? 
The Centuries-Old Second Amendment was written at a time when there was NO organized Police Force in every Town, Village, and City as we know them today.
PLUS the Guns of Yore were Muskets that took time to load & reload, 
NOT Semiautomatic Rifles capable of shooting multiple rounds of ammunition into unsuspecting victims!
Why is it folks with Mental Illness, which is indeed in itself a Physical Disease (as your Brain is a Life-Sustaining Organ, is it not?), have to wait days, even weeks for proper treatment which may or may not be covered by insurance, while nearly any moron can go out and buy a gun with minimal ID, and little or no background check, no training, no classes….?!?
We need extensive training, testing, insurance, etc. to drive a car but none of that is required to own an Automatic Weapon? ( And, of course, Ammunition…)
Makes sense.
Personally, I prefer to carry a Large Rottweiler.
But that’s just, like, *My* Opinion, Dude.
::Jumps Off Soap Box; Sprains Ankle, Limps Away:


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