Gluten-Free MakeUp?

Gluten Free?
“Contact Your Doctor Immediately If You Experience:
Sharp or Crushing Chest Pain; Sudden Shortness of Breath; Sudden Leg Pain;
Sudden Severe Headache, Vomiting, Dizziness, or Fainting; Changes in Vision;
Numbness of an Arm or Leg; Slurred Speech; Random Capitalization Of Letters;
One-Sided Weakness; Sudden Unexplained Weight Gain; Sudden Unexplained Weight Loss; Change in Amount of Urine Produced; Severe or Persistent Stomach pain;
Vomit that Looks Like Mickey Rourke; Black Tarry Stools; Itching, Reddened, Swollen, Blistered, Painful, or Peeling Skin; Yellowing of the Skin or Eyes;
The Sudden Urge To Watch Any Film Starring Molly Ringwald; Dark Urine;
Right-Sided Tenderness; Severe or Persistent Tiredness; Fever, Chills, or Sore Throat; Severe or Persistent Nausea; Swelling of Hands, Ankles, Feet, Face, Lips, Eyes, Throat, or Tongue; Difficulty Swallowing or Breathing; Bipartisanism; Hoarseness, Uneven Tire Wear, or Death.”

Re: Gluten-Free MakeUp .
I can appreciate the fact that your skin does indeed absorb Toxins and Allergens…
In fact I’m living proof!
Here’s a *Rant* I Posted (and, of course, saved) about 2 years ago relating my experience:
“Hello, I’m Dr. Specialist! I’ll be charging Top Dollar to both You and Your Health Insurance Company. I will torture you with tests over the next two weeks, only to come up with Inconclusive Test Results.”
For the past two, maybe three years or so I’ve been having an unusual (for me) allergic reaction of sorts. I’ve always had Year-Round Seasonal Allergies–you know, Eternally Runny Nose, Post-Nasal Drip, and Nighttime Cough, the usual. But this was Different. Horribly Different.
Symptoms spontaneously occurred one year while putting away an artificial Christmas Tree & Decorations, my eyes puffed up, I had hive-like spots under my eyes that would blow up like balloons, then recede, leaving bags of skin that resembled deflated balloons & made me look about 90…This would happen in cycles, get better, then start again. For two years I wanted to rip my face off.
I knew some of the triggers: Dust, Chinese Food, Weather, and Consciousness.
I tried some OTC/Home Remedies: Hydrocortisone, Benadryl (not a good choice while trying to stay Conscious), Witch Hazel, Emu Oil, Chamomile, Exorcism, etc…
But nothing seemed to nip this Malady in the Bud.
So I finally went to see an Allergist, listed as one of New Jersey’s Top Docs.
He looked at me and told me The Obvious: “You have Periorbital Atopic Contact Dermatitis”. Which, in Real Words means “Red, Puffy, Swollen Eyes.”
For this there’s a $40.00 Co-Pay…
So they did the “typical” Allergy Prick Skin Test on my arms: The one I had when I was Five and made my arms blow up at that time and this time…Nothing. I am not particularly allergic to the Common Allergens. So, he faxed to my Pharmacy a prescription for a Steroidal Ointment & some Prescription Eye Drops which aren’t covered, don’t have a generic, and cost SEVENTY DOLLARS. So the Pharmacist showed me some comparable OTC drops that cost *only* Fifteen Dollars… WTF, it’s better than Seventy Bucks.
The Allergist also informed me they’d need me to return in the following week for a Patch Test, evidently to test me for other “Uncommon” Allergies…They’d put patches on my back, I’d follow up in two days, they’d remove them, I’d come back on the following Monday for a Final Reading. (We hoped.)
So the Ointment really did help (Thank God), the Eye drops did OK, and I returned the following week. We still needed to get to the bottom of this.
The Steroidal Ointment warns that it is “NOT for Long-Term Use”, lest I grow Balls or sprout hair from unwanted places such as my palms or my tongue…
So I go back the following week, and the nurse tells me they’re going to apply the patches, trace & number them in Sharpie(!) and that I should *not* shower for four days (EW!), or that I “can” shower, but I can’t get my back wet (yeah, right).
I was expecting a patch or two that I could cover in the shower but by the time she was done my ENTIRE BACK was COVERED with Toxic Chemical Compound Patches, and she’d spent about 45 minutes drawing on my back with Black Sharpie…
Hey! Usually one would have to be passed out at a party to get written on with such Gusto.
Here I was in my allergist’s office, the flesh on my back rivaling The Sistine Chapel.
So, Two days later I returned to have the patches off, and my back re-Sharpied. Yay. Another $40.00 co-pay later, I was informed I could now shower, but try not to wash the permanent ink off (I guess I’m not allergic to Sharpie, either!)
Finally Monday comes. I go back to the Allergist.
He inspects my back, makes a few notes, and tells me to get dressed.
So, the results. Or lack thereof.
All were pretty much negative except for two chemicals with long impressive-sounding names . He printed out some info.
Told me to use very gentle facial products, and to avoid these chemicals.
Basically I should avoid Tosylamide/Formaldehyde Resin, which is in certain films, industrial primers and Nail Polish amongst other things. Which might explain my lifelong aversion to the latter. So I should not use Industrial Primers as a Facial Toner. Damn. I wish I’d thought of that.
The other one is 4-phenylenediamine base, which is found in Black Henna, Tattoo Ink, and Black Rubber Shoes.
So evidently I should not get Tattoos or wear Black Rubber Shoes on my face…
::Please Make A Note Of It::


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