Pop Go The Weasels!

20140626_022339_Forest St
Sampson & Harpo
20140626_022450_Forest St

Upon arriving home from work at nearly Midnight, I was greeted by my two Ferrets, Harpo and Sampson, running around My Living Room, Gleefully playing and wrestling with each other with Ferret-Abandon.
Evidently the Clever Llittle Bastards figured out how to unlatch their cage at the only latch point which was *not* securely bungeed, (Other Ferret-Keepers will likely know what I mean) and were having themselves a Grand Old Ferret Party.
Fortunately when I spotted them, walking into the Lliving Room, and yelled “DEEEEE!” in my Irritating Falsetto, they ran *towards* me and I was able to scoop them up, sling one over each shoulder, and return them to their pen, which I latched securely (and, of course, gave them treats).
What were my FOUR Dogs doing while these Llittle Fuckers were running amok?
Well, the Boston Terrorist was–Sleeping.
The Pug was….Snoring.
The Puggle and the Rottweiler were in their respective Beds pretending they knew nothing.
The Bettas were sleeping in their Respective Hidey-Holes and the Senegal Parrot was just watching the whole thing.
Too bad I don’t have a Ferret-Cam….
I would have *loved* to see the looks on the Dogs’ faces as the Ferrets scampered past.


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