Assbook Status Rant Summer Rerun: Cilantro

Your Regularly Scheduled Assbook Status Rant will be replaced with this Assbook Status Rant Summer Rerun :
What is it lately with putting Cilantro in Everything?
I HATE Cilantro.
It is nasty.
It makes food taste like soap. 
If I wanted to eat soap, I’d buy a cheap bar of Ivory (after all, it’s 99.9% Pure).
I do, however love Peanut Butter.
Olives (Black, Green and Greek).
Stop ruining Perfectly Good Food with it.
This has been a Public Service Announcement from Your Friends at Insipid Assbook Statii.
::Please Make A Note Of It::

Why 10% of the Population Hates Cilantro and the Rest Doesn't Know Any Better
A figure from The scent of life, detailing how smell works.



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