Rest in Peace to the World’s Favorite Uncle, Robin Williams.

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I have been kind of silent over this past week after finding out about Robin Williams’ death. Partially because I really didn’t want to believe it was real. I just remembered walking up behind my dad, who was at the computer, asking him what we were gonna do for dinner. And then I saw the article he was reading: “Robin Williams Dead at 63.” The first words out of my mouth were, “WHAT? NO!” Throughout the evening, it was all we talked about.
It struck a really dissonant chord in my heart to hear of his tragic death. I had always told myself that there would be certain celebrities’ deaths I’d be upset over, and he was one of them. Robin Williams just always seemed eternal. He was just someone you never could imagine leaving your life, like a parent or a close relative. And that’s how it all feels…

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