Tonight’s Rant

::And Now For Tonight’s Rant::
Once Again, Just in Time for The Holiday Season….
We’re being inundated with Late Nite TV Ads for Useless Crap.
Again I Ask… (because they came out few seasons ago and they’re *still* trying to sell us this trash)…
What’s up with these Pajama Jeans they’re trying to sell us?
Forty Dollars for Glorified Stretch Pants?
Hell, I try not to pay that much for Real Jeans that Actually Look Good & Stay Up!
The Ads *should* say:
“Are You the Type of Broad who’s Totally Given Up on Life and Would Actually Go Out in Public Wearing Sweat Pants?
Then This Overpriced Crap is for You!
Act Now And Receive This Crappy Gray T-Shirt to Complete The Schlump Look!”
And…get this…they make this Shit for MEN now too!!!
Pajama Jeans For MEN!!!
As if Men actually NEED yet ANOTHER excuse to walk around looking like Slobs!
If you can’t Struggle to Get Dressed in Actual Clothing before Going Out In Public, then Stay Home.
::This Rant Has Been Brought To You By Miracle-Crotch::
::Please Make A Note Of It::


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