Boxing Day

December 26th: “Boxing Day”.
I always thought “Boxing Day” was when one Donned Ye Now Our Gay
Boxing Gloves and Whacked the Person of Your Choice Upside the Head.
Evidently I was Mistaken:
The Exact Etymology of the term “Boxing” is Unclear.
There are several Competing Theories, none of which is Definitive.
The European Tradition, which has long included giving Money and Other Gifts to those who were Needy and in Service Positions, has been Dated to the Middle Ages, but the Exact Origin is unknown.
In Britain, it was a custom for Tradesmen to collect “Christmas Boxes” of Money or Presents on the First Weekday after Christmas as Thanks for Good Service Throughout the Year.
This custom is linked to an Older English Tradition:
Since they would have to Wait on their Masters on Christmas Day,
The Servants of the Wealthy were allowed the next day to visit their Families.
The Employers would give each Servant a Box to take home containing Gifts and Bonuses, and sometimes Leftover Food.
How Generous.
I prefer *My* Version.
::Please Make A Note Of It::


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