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Yet Another Symbolic Album Title

Yet Another Symbolic Album Title

::A Friendly Reminder::
For Those Who Are/Will Be In The Boston/Somerville Massachusetts Area!!
Tonight’s The Night!
Friday The Thirteenth Twenty- Fifteen!!
My Daughter (*Your* Friend, Acquaintance, Cousin, Niece, Etc.)
Ariel Rubin (AKA *Rel*) Will Be Playing The Dinner Show at Cuisine en Locale!!
Admission is Free!
Enjoy a Reasonably Priced Dinner, (Ariel hopes to be there around 6:30ish)
Tip the Waitstaff AND Your Entertainer, A Financially-Challenged College Student (that’s how she gets paid!! )!!!
Here’s the Poop:

Last week, Ariel (my Daughter) went to see Amanda Palmer at a small concert in the Boston area.
She was there with a former High School buddy who knows someone in the opening band, thus, they were backstage during sound checks.
Amanda is real cool about being with fans; Ariel has met her on several occasions.
Ariel was playing one of her original compositions on the piano in the lounge before the show, AFP heard it and was very impressed.
The booking agent heard it as well and was so impressed that she offered Ariel work playing there.
Cuisine en Locale, that is…
Ariel Sez:
“This Friday, I’ll be playing a dinner show at Cuisine en Locale in Somerville, MA.
If you live in the area, it’d be really great if you came out to support me 🙂 .
In honor of my playing at Cuisine en Locale on Friday,
I would like to once again remind you that I have a 4-track EP out on Bandcamp. I retitled the album “Yet Another Symbolic Album Title” because I wasn’t feeling the other one and honestly it was just an anagram to spell BUTT.
But please please PLEASE support me! All proceeds help to support me in paying rent and not starving. I believe in a pay-what-you-want policy, so every bit helps.”
::Please Make A Note Of It::

Yet Another Symbolic Album Title (EP)


Weezer Formula 5 Does Not Exist…Yet!

If my Weezer, my Boston Terrier, had his Own Commercial for a Product I *Should* Invent.
Because I *Have* No Life.
(If you steal my Idea, at least give me credit.)